New album coming very soon!


According to my distributors, it should be available within the next couple of weeks from all major Digital Download and Streaming services. I'll post again when I have confirmation.

Titled "Chiaroscuro", it explores the interplay between light and shade with 10 new works including a trio for piano, cello and flute; a string quintet; and a series of orchestral vignettes. It also includes one larger work - a concerto for bagpipes and orchestra!

A film score

This is a short film score I submitted for the 5th International Film Music Competition sponsored by the Zurich Film Festival.

It's a quirky and engaging score and one which I enjoyed working on. It seemed such a shame that it might never have seen the light of day - so here it is!

The film is called "An Object At Rest" by Seth Boyden. It was actually shortlisted for an Oscar nomination in 2015. You can view the original here with score by Julian Beutel.


Thank You!

Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped make Symphony 3: Canis Familiaris a great success! In its first week alone it has nearly out-sold my first album which has been out for several years. Thank you all so much! Also thanks to everyone who used my Contact page to email good wishes - always great to hear from you!

And now I'm onto the next projects - a big work for Chamber Orchestra, and an Opera! Both are longer term projects, but I'll keep you informed as they progress.

Once again, many thanks - the response has been both overwhelming and humbling.

Counting Down The Days .....

According to the distributors, my new album should hit the digital download store shelves on Thursday 30th June! Typically, because of the high volume they handle, it can sometimes take a little longer for it to show-up in iTunes, so I'll keep you posted. However, it should be downloadable from Google Play, CDBaby, Amazon and most of the streaming services on the 30th. As they become available, I'll post links on my Music page.

New Album Nearly Done

My new album, Symphony 3: Canis Familiaris, is nearly ready and should be released next month. At the moment the audio magicians at LANDR doing the Masters, and they're sounding spectacular - I'm really impressed with their work!

The whole symphony is written in praise of dogs. It has 5 movements and runs for about 22 minutes. On my Music page you can listen to a few sneak peaks - these are early unmastered versions. 

And this is the album artwork - I chose an Arts & Crafts Movement theme for this one. 

MRICC - Winner!

Delighted to announce that "The Hunt" has won 3rd place in the Maurice Ravel International Composition Competition's signature award, the "Maurice Ravel Prize". The calibre of entries was outstanding - receiving this award is a great honour.

"The Hunt" is the 3rd movement from my third symphony, "Canis Familiaris", and will shortly be released on my new album. Until then, if you navigate to the Music page, you can listen to a pre-release recording.